Spatial Intelligence

Mapoteca is a Startup aimed to deliver business insights through advanced spatial analysis, using high resolution satellite images. We focus on energy sector industry, helping them to manage their operation remotly


Global Data

Mapoteca collects data from several sensors around the globe. We have access to all the satellite constellation orbiting the Planet, which give us decades of spatial data to analyse for different purposes.

Object Recognition

We apply and develop algorithm for object recognition in satellite images. Through this method we are able to identify element in the space which are crucial for your operation. Mapoteca can tell you for example if there are trees endangering power lines, or if a wildfire will affect your infrastructure.

Entire Planet

From our office in Santiago (Chile), we can help you to operate your infrastructure in any corner of the planet. We are a layer of spatial intelligence for global data, so you just need to tell us which is your area of operation, which elements you need to identify and monitor and we’ll do the rest.